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About Us

Cullen Realty Group is a professional brokerage firm, created by Mr. Meredith Cullen, that specializes in marketing and selling land, ranches, buildings, homes, condominiums, and other properties. In addition, the Company provides clients with high quality, knowledgeable leasing services for commercial properties.

Meredith Cullen is part of the H. R. Cullen Family, a well-respected and trusted family living in the Houston community for over 100 years. He and his family have been successful in the oil and gas business, as well as in real estate and other ventures. Through the Cullen Foundation, and through the independent involvement of family members, the family has, for many years, made a commitment to give back to the Houston community, and humbly support the work of many of its major institutions, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, the Methodist and Baylor hospitals, as well as the University of Houston.

Cullen Realty Group team members have been involved in real estate for many years, and bring significant experience in the marketing and sale of land, luxury homes, estate ranch properties, development and leasing of commercial office space. With our contacts among the business community, high net-worth individuals and local realtors, as well as the significant capital backing available to market listed properties, the Cullen Realty Group is well established and strategically placed to meet the needs of our clients.

Cullen Realty Group has a duty to conduct its business affairs responsibly, with integrity, and in a professional manner. We intend on protecting the legacy of the trusted Cullen name in the business community by maintaining the highest ethical standards, avoiding conflicts of interest, and earning the significant trust placed in us by our clients and business partners. We provide the utmost in professional service to our clients, by anticipating their needs so that we can respond quickly to their requests. Along with a proven track record of being able to sell real property, we are reliable, accurate and loyal, and provide confidentiality and discretion in our business dealings.

The Cullen Realty Group would be honored to work for you: to market and sell your home or condominium; to use our contacts to identify a qualified buyer for the family ranch; or to negotiate the best possible price per square foot to lease your building space.


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